My recent work/project

UA Support (Github)

I’ve created an application that helps Ukrainian refugees to find accommodation and aid. The application organizes the work of volunteers and gathers information about aid/accommodation availability in various regions across UE. It works as a fully automated and scalable system on GCP as a serverless app.

As of May 4th, 2022 the application is fully acquired by

Project was notniced by the European Commission’s Open Source Observatory and summarized in the article about it. scrren

Attribution Methods in Interpretability of CNNs (PDF) (GitHub)

Analysis of methods and measures used in Explainable Artificial Intelligence. Effect of augmentation on the interpretability of deep learning models by checking their structural similarity. Comparision of the robustness of XAI methods.

XAI robustness
Structular similarity index

FAT (Farm Animal Tracking) (Github) (Example) (Presentation)

Tracking and recognition of farm animals (pigs) with CNN and Siamese network.

Tracking example
Tracking example

Airport gate assignment (GitHub) (Visualization) (Medium)

Airport simulation for evaluation of airport gate assignment problem.

AGAP applocation

Temporal Network of city bicycles (GitHub) (Website)

Creation of usage network to provide historical information about trends and users preferences.

Application website

DengAI: Predicting Disease Spread (DrivenData) (Report)

DrivenData competition for predicting sprad of dengue disease with data provided by CDC and NOAA. Scored 14th place out of over 8000 competitors.

Mosquito image
Mosquito image courtesy of flickr user sanofi-pasteur

WOD bike usage predictor model (GitHub)

ML project to predict bicycle usage in the city of Wrocław. It’s using historical data and current weather to predict usage in particular parts of the city.

Sample from model's prediction

Deep Q-Learning Pong Game (GitHub)

Deep Reinforcemenet Learning solution for playing Pong using Atari simulator. Application is using DoubleDeep Q-Learning algorithm.

Monte Carlo Tree Game (GitHub)

MCTS solution for Pong game using Atari simulator

Playout example, (right agent is an AI)

Tiny Face Detection (GitHub)

Tiny Face Detection with TensorFlow 2.0

Output sample

YOLOv3 (GitHub)

YOLOv3 implementation in TensorFlow 2.0

Output sample

Tweet Dataset Annotator (GitHub) (PL)

Application to annotate tweets and create the first polish annotated dataset.

Annotation website

Puppeteer Screenshot Tester (GitHub) (NPM)

Small library that allows us to compare screenshots generated by puppeteer in our tests.

RentalSearch Chrome extension (GitHub) (Chrome WebStore)

Chrome extenstion which allows scrapping Gumtree and OLX.

Extension screen

People Matcher (GitHub)

Application to create a weighted network of people with similar skils/interests.

Network Screen

git-branch-pattern-check (GitHub) (NPM)

Simple library to validate git branch name before pushing it to repository. Helpful if you want to enforce naming convention in your team without manually checking branch names.


FAT - Farm Animal Tracking Slides

Detection, recognition and tracking of farm animals.

Explainable AI Slides (Report - PL)

A quick roundup on how XAI works. More on Lime and Integrated Gradient.

Airport Gate Optimization Problem Slides

Our aporach to solving airport gate optimization.

Temporal Network of city bicycles Slides

Presentation about Temporal Network Project

t-SNE lecture at WUST (talk in polish) Slides

Extreme Machine Learning Slides

Presentation about Extreme Learning Machines. Additionally, there is a implementation of basic ELM in python

JavaScript the Dark Side of the engine Slides

Presentation about how JS engine works and why your browser uses all your RAM

Hard Events to follow Slides

A modern guide to Events in JavaScript.

Geek Girls Carrots Wroclaw (PL) Slides

Presentation on the first day of Geek Girls Carrots workshop in Wrocław.

How to become headless puppet master Slides

Talk about how to write e2e tests in modern way without using Selenium of even Java. Introduction to Puppeteer. Code: Github

Handling JS Production In Modern Way Slides

Talk about how to transpile, and bundle you JS application in production environment? Modern JavaScript deployment.

Why Rendering in JS is slow Slides

Talk about JS engines and browser performane when rendering web applications. Code: CodePen