About me

Hi! I’m Kemal

I’m a software engineer and consultant specializing in Javascript applications. When did I start? Long time ago… 2001 maybe. But back then there wasn’t really anything even remotely similar with current technology. I didn’t start writing code directly in JS, my first language was Pascal and then C/C++. Web started couple years later, around 2005/2006. Currently, I’m dealing mostly with Machine Learning and Tensorflow.

But, what do I do exactly? Mostly everything related with Machine Learning and JavaScript:

  • ML (TensorFlow and TensorflowJS)
  • FrontEnd (list is really long but main technology is React)
  • NodeJS (Koa, Hapi, Express)
  • IoT (JohnnyFive, CyclonJS, duino, NodeRED)
  • Mobile (React Native)
  • JS Engines (V8, Chakra)
  • Testing (Jest, Jasmine, Puppeteer, Cypress and many more)
  • DevOps (build systems with Webpack/Rollup, process management and load balancing with PM2 or Cluster, CI/CD)

That’s really long list, I’m surprised you’re read it all. If you want to grab a coffee I’m currently stationed in Wroclaw (Poland). To contact me please go to Contact